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Let us save you Time and Money!!!

Your Google Earth images may be out of date

You can rely on our videos to give you LIVE current conditions

Are you too busy or too far away to visit a job site to place a bid?  Are you looking for a way to maximize your productivity and cut down on time and get the job done?  Do you need to view a   site in detail from multiple angles before you place your bid?  If so, look no further.  Surveys Plus, Inc. will visit your job site and evaluate it by using leading edge drone technologies and highly trained personnel.  Surveys Plus, Inc. takes the hassle out of projects for our clients by simplifying the GDOT Letting process. By using our services to aid in the bidding process, our clients will see a drop in time and costs.  Some additional advantages of using our Aerial Evaluation program include:

  • FAA Certified Pilots

  • Licensed and Insured

  • GDOT Letting assistance

  • No more driving to job sites to get a bid

  • Fast turnaround on easy to manage files

  • Inspection of inaccessible structures and multiple sites in a day

  • Exponential reduction in field inspection hours

  • Stay ahead of the competition by providing accurate visual data in a timely manner


By utilizing Surveys Plus, Inc. Aerial Evaluation Program you will save time and money on Inspections, Quality Control, and much more. No matter how big or small your job is, you can count on Surveys Plus, Inc. to deliver the same high-quality product time after time. Our product will always include:

  • Detailed High Definition Ground and Aerial videos

  • Up to date LIVE view of current conditions

  • 4k High Quality Ground and Aerial Photos

Site Progression Video (Before and After)

FAA Certified UAV Survey Mapping

Power Pole Inspections

Bridge Inspections

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